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National Holidays and Public Holidays

History brought many changes in the culture of  various populations. The great and glorious battles, initiatives and victories of great conquerors, kings and also presidents are celebrated even nowadays when traditions are often neglected due to other apparently more important duties. As seasons, cultural events and gods deserve a fabulous celebrations also historical personalities and nations earned their well-merited day of the year which is dedicated specially to their commemoration. Various nations pay tribute to independence with their national day which is closely related to a grand war, their guardian saint as well as the collapse of an oppressive system. Undoubtedly these holidays unite people in their  celebration for the free and modern world with their strong values and perspectives. Those who are keen to find out more about the cultural background as well as main facts of national holidays will be furnished with informative articles below. Skim through the numerous countries and nations to expand your general knowledge of history and holidays.


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Prominent personalities of a population's history were granted with a special and exquisite holiday joined by a remarkable and signature ceremony. Whether they had a special role in  establishing peace in the country as Ghandi (India)and Martin Luther King(US), as well as for great deeds and favors in politics as José de San Martín (Argentina) or the birthday of the current emperor in Japan. These all are common traditions that are preserved by millions in order to glimpse back on the past ever once in a while, and praise the development of conditions in many countries. The manners of celebration differs according to the cultural heritage of nations. Some would place wreaths to graves in peace others would  prepare a frantic party for the honor of the event that is called back. There's no rule for naming only one single day national holiday since there are several important events and characters to be remembered all through the long and fascinating history of countries.

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From the events that played a crucial role in the foundation and strengthening of a state to the ones that have an important still minor essence, all will be honored with a special ritual. The measure of celebration is different in every region, some would prepare for this event months and weeks earlier others would restrict it to a simple and less elevated decorum and rite. The July 4 is paid special attention and is preceded with a weeks of arrangements related to fireworks, lighting, decorations and even parades whereas in Spain the October 12, the discovery of America by Columbus is commemorated with a military parade attended by the actual president. Those who are eager to dive into the depth of historical events that are symbolized by similar feasts and festivals will find the following articles righteous informative aids.

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